Tuesday, March 7, 2017

happy 63rd b'day

selasa 7/3 (12:47 pm

my dearest Ii

happy birthday

andai Ii masih ada bersama kami
kemaren kami akan merayakan ultah Ii yang ke-63

how time flies

i could still remember your special day a year ago Ii
the very last b'day we could celebrate together with you
even though we had to celebrate it at the hospital

my dearest Ii

ga nyangka ya udah setahun berlalu sejak saat itu
ga kebayang aja di hari itu
bahwa itu akan menjadi perayaan terakhir ulang tahun Ii bersama kami

Ii masih inget ga
walau sedang berbaring di ranjang rumah sakit
Ii sibuk memikirkan kita2 and nyuruh kita makan2 merayakan ultah Ii

maaf ya Ii saya ga mengabulkan permintaan Ii untuk memesan tempat di resto
karena we would rather be with you
than eating together without you

my deareast Ii

that very day a year ago
i could still remember what you said
when you said you couldn't see anything
how everything's around you was in the dark

i thought the medication you took had an effect on your sight
but it was perhaps you were already on your journey to eternity
that day you were still in the tunnel
but now you already see the light khan Ii
the eternal light that ease all your pains away

a year has passed us by Ii
i just couldn't miss it to 'see' you again
even if i had to walk from home
to the place you were rested for good

i had make a promise not to shed any tears again when i remember things about you Ii
but at times i just couldn't help it

my brother said not to think too much about you
for you have been in a better place
and you have rest in peace
we should take care more of the living

but as you know Ii
i always miss you most
especially at times when Mami doesn't feeling well
for now without you around
i felt like i was left alone
no one else to share the burden with

Ii happy 63rd birthday in 2017
this should be a very special day to celebrate

you know i have a thing with numbers Ii

63rd b'day on the 6th day in the 3rd month should be something right

and you celebrate this very special day with our Creator

my dearest Ii

until we meet again

selasa 7/3 (1:02 pm

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